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Faculty Advisor - Glenn Bower

Glenn Bower-Faculty Advisor

The faculty advisor is the main resource for the team. In additional to Glenn's vast technical expertise and experience, he is instrumental in forging partnership with industry, getting sponsorships and navigating the competitions. Glenn's office is located in the Engineering Centers Building in room M1060A (located in the Holton Lounge)

Team Leader - Weston Hartman

Weston Hartman

Year in School: 5

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Duration on Wisconsin Hybrid: 2 years

Duties: I am the Team Leader this year so my duties mostly consist of setting the teams goals and making sure projects are completed on time for the Engine Research Center. I am also in charge of keeping a strong line of communication with suppliers and team sponsors.

Individual/Team Goals: My main goal for this school year is to get the entire automotive shop organized, inventoried, and have all processes streamlined and documented. Our partnership with the School of Business started last year, but I hope to have it fully developed and operational before I graduate in May 2015.

Interests or fun/unique fact about me: I just started flight school and had my first logged flight hour – that much closer to earning my private pilot license!

Assistant Team Leader - Peter Conis

Peter Conis

Year in School: 5th year senior.

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Duration on Wisconsin Hybrid: This will be my third year on the team.

Duties: I am the Assistant Team Leader. My duties consist of making sure deadlines are met, working on the car, and keeping Weston sane.

Individual Goals: Become a better leader.

Team Goals:

  1. Get the eMoove running again by the end of the semester and have the team get started on the Moovada next semester.
  2. Streamline the operations and procedures in the automotive shop in order to make the student teams more effective.

Interests or fun/unique fact about me: I have all the shop pass upgrades for the student shop. I am also a pro at Minesweeper, my personal best on expert is 103 seconds.

Business Team Leader - Eric Buechelle

Eric Buechele

Year in School: MBA class of 2015

Major: Supply Chain Management

Duration on Wisconsin Hybrid: 1 year

Duties: The Business Lead is responsible for setting objectives for the business team in purchasing, inventory management, marketing and finance. This effort is centered on bringing positive, sustainable process change.

Individual/Team Goals: Provide tools and resources for the Hybrid team to execute on their strategic goals for the year, and provide a framework through which team leadership can track their progress against their goals.

Interests or fun/unique fact about me: Avid history student who interned at the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum for five years. I have also been known to create Kanban systems to order groceries.

Controls/Electrical Team Leader - Mitch Johnston

Mitch Johnston

Year in School: 5th year senior

Major: Electrical Engineering

Duration on Wisconsin Hybrid: Going on my 3rd year

Duties/Projects: As the Controls/Electrical Team Leader I'm responsible for looking after the high and low voltage wiring in the car along with maintaining the controls algorithm for our vehicles.

Individual/Team Goals: I would like to see the team once again have a fully functional and reliable series hybrid by the end of the semester.

Interests or fun/unique fact about me: I enjoy traveling and have been to Costa Rica, Honduras, and Mexico.

Mechanical Team Leader - Brandon Schmidt

Brandon Schmidt

Year in School: 4th year senior

Major: Biological Systems Engineering - Machinery

Duration on Wisconsin Hybrid: Going on 3rd year

Duties/Projects: This year I am the mechanical team leader. This semester we are focusing on upgrading the driveline with a better performing and more robust drive motor. It is my responsibility to oversee the redesign and of the necessary components and to ensure that team members understand how our vehicle functions mechanically.

Individual/Team Goals: I would like to see the eMoove be fully functional again by the end of the semester. I would also like for the team to continue pushing forward with innovative technologies that we could see on the road in the future. Finally, I would like to continue our relations with our sponsors and continue to showcase the progress made on RCCI.

Interests or fun/unique fact about me: I've been racing cars since I was 16 and I'm also pretty invested in truck pulling.