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The University of Wisconsin Baja team has been active in the Baja SAE series since 1987. In the past two years, the team has had standing success earning 7th place in 2010 followed by 7th place and 8th place in 2011. In the 2012 race season, the team hopes to continue the trend of recent success and continually innovate by learning from all the achievements and challenges the team has endured.
The SAE Baja competition presents a wide range of opportunities for collegiate teams to create an alternative to the common ATV. Following a rigid design process consisting of concept, research, design, fabrication, and testing, the 2012 team has dramatically increased performance and driver ergonomics. In the course of innovations in each of the subsystems, Wisconsin Baja has created a safe, affordable, and innovative alternative to the ATV.

Wisconsin Baja currently consists of 16 members, most of whom study Mechanical Engineering, but the team accepts members from all fields. The purpose of the team is to provide students with hands on experiences and apply what they have learned to real world problem solving situations. None of these accomplishments could have been made without the help of our sponsors. Not only do they help fund the team, but they also provide a relationship between team members and the corporate world.  The Wisconsin Baja team gives members an enhancement to education, a connection to the corporate world and lifelong experiences.
SAE Auburn April 19-22 Car #63
SAE Wisconsin June 7-10 Car #8 (we are also hosting this event)